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Sydney Design is back! Opening on 30 July, Sydney Design 2011 (SD11) features over 90 design exhibitions and events across the city. This year’s theme – Is Old New Again, offers audiences a creative and spirited look at the collision between tradition and innovation, heritage and experimentation.

SD11 is produced by the Powerhouse Museum in partnership with more than 50 cultural institutions, organisations and individuals. This year’s signature exhibition, Love Lace, is a spectacular, ground- breaking exhibition of contemporary lace works by artists and designers from around the world showcasing lace design in ways never before seen or imagined.

“We are delighted with this year’s program which showcases the amazing ways artists and craftspeople are being inspired by traditional crafts and where old skills are given spectacular, new creative twists,” said Dr Dawn Casey, Director, Powerhouse Museum.

“I am particularly excited about Love Lace, and delighted the Museum can showcase to our visitors the works of so many ingenious international and national artists.”

SD11 attracts those with a personal and professional love of design, providing visitors with an insight into design processes, functions and narratives as well as illustrating innovative and bold design solutions.

In addition to the Love Lace exhibition, the Museum will host the Love Lace International Symposium: Not just a thread and Master Classes. Featuring select artists from the Love Lace exhibition, the SD11 Symposium and Master Classes offer audiences a unique insight into contemporary design techniques and skills developed by leading design artists.

“We are living in a world where change is so rapid that our notions of ‘normal’ are constantly shifting,” said Lily Katakouzinos, Sydney Design manager, Powerhouse Museum.

“In all areas of design from product design to architecture, fashion and graphic design, practitioners everywhere are mining tradition and marrying cutting edge technology with an artisanal and human sensibility. You can see it in media, food, popular culture and the arts – but nowhere is this more pronounced than in the world of design.”

Highlights of Sydney Design 2011 at the Powerhouse Museum include:

Love Lace – from 30 July
A magnificent display of 130 contemporary lace works by 134 artists and designers from 20 countries showcase lace design in ways never before seen or imagined.

Love Lace International Symposium: Not Just a Thread – 30 July 14 participating lace artists/practitioners in a one-day symposium.
Joep and Jeroen Verhoeven, the contemporary Dutch design team from Demakersvan, described as design storytellers, from fantasy to factory, from statement to product.
Helen Pynor – prominent Australian artist living in the UK whose work combines philosophy and science with visual arts.

Panel discussion: What is lace?
Sculptor, Ingrid Morley (Australian)
Textiles designer, Douglas McManus (Australian)
Tapestry artist, Diana Brennan (Australian living in France)
Facilitator: Liz Williamson

Local and international artist talks with Anne Mondro, Rina Bernabei, Kelly Freeman, Kim Lieberman, Janis Savage, Lauran Sundin and Rosemary Shepherd.

Lace Master Classes – 31 July
A day with international artists featured in the Love Lace exhibition and offering insights into cutting-edge lace practices.

Bobbin Lace Jewellery with Lauran Sundin (USA) Lauran Sudin’s ‘Typhoon’, piece, turns delicate gold wire into stable mesh forms with architectural integrity. Visitors to this master class will learn the techniques in making a brooch from stainless steel, gold wire and sterling silver beads.

Ancient hand-weaving techniques with Mavis Ganambarr (Elcho Island, NT) Mavis Ganambarr, a Yolngu woman demonstrates ancient hand-weaving techniques reminiscent of traditional needle lace. This class offers an insight into the vibrant history and range of processes used by Aboriginal weavers. Participants will weave a coil basket and mat from native pandanus leaves.

Design for laser cutting with Douglas McManus (Australia) An opportunity to explore design for laser technology. This class is ideal for designers who incorporate textile, metal, wood, plastics or paper in producing design works.

Knitted and Looped – 30 July – 10 August UK artist Shane Waltener constructs a large-scale installation at the Powerhouse Museum where adults, children and families, primary and secondary students are invited to contribute via dynamic workshops with the artist.

Kids Design Weekend – 30 – 31 July Young designers can take part in activities including working with paper engineer, Benja Harney, creating evocative cards using a nifty paper-lace technique; making a lace bookmark or friendship band, or join a Knitted and Looped workshop with Shane Waltener.

Teacher/student programs Art and design students and teachers can attend the professional development day for teachers of Textile and Design (6 August), or partake in a range of connected classroom initiatives involving curators and artists as well as access a suite of lace resource materials. Students can also book a workshop with artist, Shane Waltener (primary students, 1 & 2 August, secondary students, 3 August).

International guest speaker, Valerie Steele – 3 August In partnership with Art Monthly and UTS School of Design, prominent fashion scholar, Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, will speak to the Sydney Design theme “is old new again” with particular attention to the relationship between art and fashion.