Design for laser cutting: Master class with Douglas McManus
Design for laser cutting: Master class with Douglas McManus

Sunday 31 July 11am – 3:30pm

Powerhouse Museum
$160/$145 members (includes Powerhouse Museum entry)
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Douglas McManus has been a major contributor to the development of Australian printed textiles, both as a practitioner, curator and textiles teacher at RMIT.  The Powerhouse Museum collection includes four examples of his textile designs. He explores the idea of how the web age enables dualities and conflicts of gender and race to be concealed and camouflaged in his works Beard Burkha 3 Piece and Pelvic CT Scan Camouflage Lace Hoodie. He breaks from convention with his unorthodox approach to gender and technique by printing rubber and plastic emulsions onto soluble backing using the motif of his pelvic CT scan.

This workshop gives designers a hands-on opportunity to explore design specifically for laser technology (design only). Participants will learn the parameters of laser cutting and engraving, set up requirements/restrictions, design exploration and suitable materials /substrates. The outcome is to produce artwork that is accurate and able to be sent directly to laser cutter machinery. Ideal for designers who incorporate textile, metal, wood, plastics or paper in producing design objects.  After spending 4 hours in class with Douglas McManus, students then can take their designs to be cut at a specified laser cutting workshop in their own time. 

Laser cutting cost is not included in the cost of the workshop.  The cost of laser cutting is $50.00 per student (including material) for one finished piece of 10cms x 10cms dimension (maximum).  Finished pieces can be cut only in a choice of Perspex, wood, card or paper. 

Basic illustrator knowledge is preferable.  Participants are to bring grey scale imagery/design [digitized] to be converted for laser cutting. AI, PSD, PDF, TIFF or JPG files are acceptable.  Students should also bring a USB flash storage drive or DVD to transport the final design to the laser cutting company.

The generation 1 Mac books that students will use in class will have Illustrator in Creative Suite 4. 

Sydney Design events will be filmed by Powerhouse Museum staff and the content will be used by the Museum for promotion and this includes uploading into Powerhouse Museum accounts across a variety of third party platforms. If you do not wish to be filmed please inform the photographer/videographer at the time of the event.