Powerhouse Museum presents SYDNEY DESIGN 16 - 24 August 2014


We are excited to announce that preparations are underway for this year's festival, which will take place 16 - 24 August 2014.

If you have a proposal for inclusion in this year's festival such as an event, talk, workshop, demonstration or exhibition we want to know about it - see below.

Sydney Design 2014 presents ‘Design Futures’.

The traditional ways we design, produce, consume and interact are becoming increasingly altered, fuelled by a wave of new digital technologies. This digital disruption is rapidly changing design practice by challenging long-standing production and design methods, giving rise to new business models and global trade patterns. We are seeing a shift toward more co-creative, interdisciplinary, do-it-yourself design approaches. It is a technological revolution that is democratising the practice of design, breaking down the borders between designer, producer and consumer.

Emerging technologies such as digital modelling and fabrication, open design and crowdfunding platforms are creating a multitude of possibilities for innovative design practices. Digital innovation has also revolutionised materials used in architecture, as well as the built and domestic environment, such as integrating smart technologies into material surfaces and everyday products. Think buildings that can breathe, sense light, flex or even self-repair.

For this year's festival we explore how contemporary design practice might be envisioned during such a time of flux, when the only thing that remains constant is change? We will showcase the various ways designers and producers are harnessing new technologies and methodologies in compelling ways that challenge conventional notions of design practice and extend the relationship between the virtual and the physical world in exciting new ways.

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